Our Goals

Our Goals1) Promote the optimum intellectual, social, emotional and physical growth of each child.

2) Provide an environment that is safe, warm and nurturing, as well as stimulating.

3) Give children ready access to caring, intelligent adults throughout the day.

4) Furnish children with a variety of physical activities to enhance their physical skills and overall development.

5) Develop in each child a feeling of confidence and self-esteem.

6) Promote initiative and independence.

7) Help children learn respect for themselves and for others.

8) Stimulate a love of learning and joy in the excitement of new experiences.

9) Foster children’s awareness of others and help them learn how to become part of a group, to share and to take turns.

10) Help childrens develop a sense of responsibility for their own actions and for the well-being of others.

11) Encourage children’s natural curiosity and interest in exploring their world.

12) Help children understand their environment.

Our Goals13) Expose a child to a variety of new and interesting materials and experiences.

14) Give children opportunities for imaginative play and for creative expressions in music, art, movements and dramatic play.

15) Develop children’s facility with language and their ability to communicate clearly, and effectively both with classmates and with adults.

16) Expose children to wide variety of children’s literature by reading aloud and thereby developing an ongoing interest in books and reading.

17) Help children develop problem-solving abilities.

18) Give children a variety of experiences, which will encourage the development of mathematical skills and scientific concepts.

19) Help a child develop a sense of competence through the mastery of age appropriate intellectual, social and physical skills using developmentally based materials and methods.

20) Try to create a partnership between home and Pinocchio Child Care based on mutual respect and close communication.

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