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Pinocchio Child Care is divided into 5 classrooms: 4 preschool classes and 1 Kindergarten class.

A) Preschool:

We help build a foundation for learning and development of social, emotional, intellectual and physical skills that are necessary for later school adjustment. We offer exposure to new materials through play, extra stimulation in the development of language skills and mathematical reasoning, and most importantly, the opportunity to meet other children in a secure settings outside the home.

Classroom provides a wide variety of interest areas, which stimulate the child’s imaginative and creative play. Each classroom is arranged with interest areas (learning centers) including a large block area, a house corner, kitchen, quiet corner with an assortment of books and floor puzzles, and rug area for music, movements and discussion. A variety of manipulative are presented daily such as puzzles, beads, Lego blocks and play dough.

Because children learn best through active exploration and concrete experience, learning centers make up biggest potion of the daily schedule in the early childhood classroom.



B) Kindergarten:

Full day Kindergarten allows children and teachers time to explore topics in depth, reduces the ratio of transition time to class time, provides greater continuity of day-to-day activities, and provides an environment that favors a child-centered, developmentally appropriate approach.




a) Morning Circle – gymnastic, calendar, weather.



b) Music and Movements – twice a week for 30 minutes in each classroom.

Music And Movements-1Music And Movements-2Music And Movements-3Music And Movements-4Music And Movements-5


c) Circle Time.

Circle Time-1Circle Time-2Circle Time-3Circle Time-4Circle Time-5


d) “Show & Tell” on Wednesdays in 4-year olds, on Mondays in Kindergarten

Show Tell-1Show Tell-2Show Tell-3Show Tell-4Show Tell-5


e) Manual Activities.

Manual Activities-1Manual Activities-2Manual Activities-3Manual Activities-4Manual Activities-5


f) Outdoor Play on our fenced yard – picnics, winter play, summer swimming pools



g) Field Trips.



h) Chicago Public Library Program.

i) Celebrating children’s birthdays.



j) Plays.




My PlateEach day we serve breakfast, hot lunch and two afternoon snacks. Food is prepared at our day care by professional cook. Meals are presented in a family style eating arrangements to promote good table manners.

“My Plate” is followed as a guideline for types of food offered.





Elwira JankowskaElwira Jankowska

Graduated from University of Warsaw, Poland.

Teacher in 2 year olds group.




Asia ZychowskaJoanna Zychowska

Graduated from University of Rzeszow, Poland.

Teacher in 3 year olds group.




Barbara DudekBarbara Dudek

Teacher Assistant – 3 year olds group.





Anna MajewskaAnna Majewska

Graduated from University of Warsaw, Poland.

Vice-Director/Teacher in 4 year olds group.




Bozena PanekBozena Panek

Graduated from University of Education in Krakow, Poland.

Vice-Director/Teacher in 4 year olds group.




Katarzyna JablonskaKatarzyna Jablonska

Graduated from University of Gdansk, Poland.

Teacher in 4 year olds group.




Elzbieta PecakElzbieta Pecak

Graduated from Jagiellonian University in Krakow, Poland.

Teacher in Kindergarten group.




Barbara DziuganBarbara Dziugan

Graduated from University of Rzeszow, Poland.

Music Teacher, all groups.




Maria RojMaria Roj






Malgorzata BojdaMalgorzata Bojda

Graduated from University of Wroclaw, Poland.